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Physio Nigel Wilman AKA "The Sciatica Physio" is an expert in the treatment of sciatica. He has recently launched a YouTube channel providing a wealth of information on the subject. 

Common symptoms:​

buttock - leg pain
Burning pain
Pins and needles in leg / foot
pain is often severe


Sciatica is a general term for any pain in the leg that is of nerve origin. It can be caused by a variety of issues, including muscle strain, disc injury and joint dysfunction. In the vast majority of cases, the problem is related to the lower back - even if you have no back pain at all! 

The vast majority of sciatica cases are not serious, however, if you experience any of the following symptoms then please visit A&E immediately because they can be a sign of spinal cord compression:

Unable to control bladder or bowel

Numbness across both buttocks / genitals

Even if the pain in the buttock/leg is very severe, there is a very good chance that this will be temporary. It does not mean that you have injured yourself severely. Nerve pain can be extremely acute - think about toothache - but it does not mean that there is a lot of damage.

General Advice

Try to adopt comfortable positions, but keep moving in short bursts.

Take over the counter painkillers if you are able - but they are only likely to take the edge of the pain away.

Use heat or heat rubs on the lower back (even if you have no lower back pain)

Using rubs on the leg where you feel the pain will not help much at all.


At Honiton Physiotherapy we are experts in diagnosing where the problem is coming from, and offer treatment solutions which get results very quickly.

watch the video to learn more:

3 Top Tips Sciatica Relief

3 Top Tips Sciatica Relief

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To make an appointment with us please call 01404 480035 or book online

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Sciatica Sufferer Tells His Story

Sciatica Sufferer Tells His Story

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