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"Laura Whiteoak very highly recommended. Knowledgable and friendly. She really helped me."


"I had a good experience with physio. Laura Whiteoak has treated several injuries for me including back and knee problems. She is very pleasant and totally understands an injury as I weight train and she is experienced in this field. I totally recommend this practice."


"Being a new customer of Honiton Physio, I can say I have been very pleased with the experience. Laura has been very thorough in her explorations around my issues and treated them effectively. Further to this she quickly built a picture of other areas of work"


"I went to Laura a broken man. Agonising pain in my shoulder when I was sitting up. The only relief wasto lie down and I was not looking forward to getting out of bed in the morning. Laura diagnosed problems with the neck after a thorough examination and prescribed a daily exercise regime. Although I was sceptical about the cause of the problem I followed her advice in the hope that things might improve. Now it was not an instant cure, but certainly a miraculous one. After a couple of weeks I was as good as rain and back to my old self again. I still can't believe that I am cured and carry on with the exercises to ward off a relapse. The good thing is that having been diagnosed with Repetitive Stress Syndrome and advised by Laura to avoid any repetitive work, I have been excused from all potato peeling duties! Thank you Laura."


"Laura is amazing! I went with whiplash symptoms and after having physio in the past (not here) I was sceptical that this wouldnt work but after the first session I felt so much better and my headaches gradually faded. I would definitely recommend Laura! She is professional and caring."


"Well what can I say about Nigel? Simply the best and most thorough physio I have ever been to. As a runner, I am prone to injuries (hip/back/hamstring, Achilles and knee over the past 3 years). However Nigel has always found a solution and got me back running. With the latest injury I tried physio with someone else closer to home, but that simply was not working so decided to travel over 100 miles to see Nigel but he is well worth the travel time / cost. Fingers crossed we are now getting there with solving my latest knee injury. I cannot thank you enough."


These are all real certified 5 star reviews from Google
What Does Norman Say?

What Does Norman Say?

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