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Massage vs Physio

Which do you need?

It can sometimes be confusing for people when considering whether they need massage or physiotherapy. This is understandable since soft tissue mobilisation is a big part of the treatment that physio’s provide.

But lets make this really simple:

If you are in pain then you need physiotherapy, at least at first. Pain is a sign that you have some sort of dysfunction that needs a thorough assessment. If this is not dealt with, it is likely that a massage will only provide temporary relief at best.

Dealing with an underlying cause is the smart way to go about things.

Massage, on the other hand, is for people who are very tight and tense. It may be related to some recent activity or sport. It is also common for people in stressful situations to benefit from massage therapy.

If in any doubt, just speak to one of our therapists who will provide guidance as to what you should do.

Many of our Physiotherapy clients will often revert to massage therapy when the underlying issue has been solved, which is a fantastic way of maintaining health.

At Honiton Physio we have not one, but TWO highly trained massage therapists (who are both also physio’s). You can easily book a massage or physio session Laura or Claire using our simple online booking system -

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