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Persistent Shoulder Pain

Why Are Shoulder Problems So Common?
How can we fix it?

Common symptoms:​

  • Pain in the upper arm

  • Sharp pain when lifting above shoulder height

  • Pain when sleeping on at night

  • Does not improve with rest / time


If this is you, then we can help you. 

Our Physiotherapy Approach Gets Results:

- Hands-on assessment and treatment 

- Targeted to the cause rather than the symptoms 

- Quick resolution of your shoulder pain

- Get off pain killer medications

- Understand what caused the issue in the first place - prevention 

watch the video to learn more:

Persistent Shoulder Pain - Why?

Persistent Shoulder Pain - Why?

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To make an appointment with us please call 01404 480035 or book online

What are people saying about us?

"The NHS physio did not help much. These guys give good hands on treatment. They have made such a difference to my recovery. Can't recommend them enough"

C Folwer

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