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persistent headaches

is it possible that your headaches are coming from your neck?

Headaches can be caused by a variety of different reasons, including:

​Muscle Tension
Blood Pressure
Eye Issues
Serious Causes


However, an extremely common cause can be due to musculoskeletal issues of the neck. Unfortunately, this often goes undiagnosed by doctors and other medical professionals. As a result, people can suffer unnecessarily for years, relying on strong medications to control symptoms.

At Honiton physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are trained in the assessment and treatment of neck related headaches

Charlie's story

Charlie suffered severe debilitating headaches before, as a last resort, trying Honiton Physiotherapy to see if we could help. In the video below, he explains his journey from doctors, opticians and scans, to ultimate relief with the help of physiotherapy.

Chronic Headaches Gone Through Physiotherapy

Chronic Headaches Gone Through Physiotherapy

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How do we fix you?

We use a tried and tested method to diagnose and treat chronic neck-related headache. The good news is that it is often relatively easy to fix, with pleasant treatments and no need for forceful manipulations to make things "click".

How Can Physio Help With Headaches?

How Can Physio Help With Headaches?

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