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Are you suffering from lower back stiffness/pain every morning?

Do you wake up with lower Back Pain and stiffness every morning? Perhaps it completely disappears over the rest of the day. In this situation it is easy to conclude that it must be the mattress, and you are going to need a new one. But wait! Before you go splashing out on an expensive new mattress, the answer is often more simple and considerably cheaper!

It may be that you are suffering from a spinal movement dysfunction. Basically, each segment of your spinal column needs to move in sequence with the next. A small strain to the muscles or ligaments can result in a localised stiffness. This minor movement problem can then cause a low level of inflammation. During the day, keeping on the go means that the area of the back stays relatively mobile. However, during the night, the minor strain has the chance to stiffen up, resulting in morning pain and stiffness. 

The good news is that Physiotherapy can help with these problems. In fact, they are often very easy to sort out. So if you have a persistent Back pain, get in touch with us by filling in the form below. We'll get back to you, and talk to you a bit more about your problem and see if we can help. Our clinic is based at 40 New Street, Honiton, Devon.

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