Coronavirus: customer Information

Find out the significant steps we are taking in order to minimise your risk in the clinic

Slowing the speed of transmission of the coronavirus is a current priority for the whole of
society, and although we should not be alarmed, we should be doing all that we can to reduce


The Safety of our customers is the highest priority at Honiton Physiotherapy Clinic. I would
personally like to inform you about some of the measures we are taking to ensure that
attending Physiotherapy represents minimal risk when it comes to the recent virus outbreak.


Firstly, please can I just ask that you as customers DO NOT ATTEND if you feel unwell, particularly if you are suffering from a cough. This
policy should always be the case, as treatment will not do you any good anyway! Please be

assured that you will NOT be charged for late cancellations.

There will be NO welcoming handshakes! Sorry!

On arrival, customers will be asked to both wash their hands and use hand sanitiser.

The clinic is now subject to hourly cleaning, including door handles, desks, chairs and payment
devices. The clinic bed is cleaned between patients with industrial strength wipes that basically kill everything nasty, so will not represent a significant transmission risk.

Following strict infection control guidelines, clinicians always wash hands thoroughly between
patients, including the use of hand gels, and towels are changed several times per day.

Clinicians will NOT operate clinics if they feel unwell, or think that they may have been exposed

to the coronavirus.

I hope that this allows you to feel more at ease when it comes to attending your physiotherapy

sessions over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

Nigel Wilman, Practice Principal

March 15th 2020